•  Attic, inspecting the insulation, ventilation and framing
  • Visible insulation for proper installation.
  • Walls for bowing and damage.
  • Ceilings for sagging and damage.
  • Floors for uneveness and damage.
  • Windows and doors for operation and damage.
  • Foundation for significant cracks and water seepage.
  • Basement for evidence of past moisture
  • Accessible crawl space areas for cracks and evidence of past moisture
  • Fireplaces and chimneys for proper maintenance and visible significant problems.
  • And all the visible interior structures of the home

  • Heating system, operation and condition
  • Central air conditioning system, operation and condition, weather permitting.
  • Interior plumbing, inspecting for visible corrision, leaks and pressure.
  • Electrical systems, inspecting for unsafe conditions and improper wiring.Type your paragraph here.

  • Foundation, checking for cracks that could make the foundation significantly deficient. Roof, inspecting for condition and improper installation.
  • Porches, inspecting for stability and condition.
  • Decks and patios, inspecting for stability, condition and cracking of the patio.
  • Surface water control, inspecting for proper drainage away from the structure.And all the visible exterior structures of the home 

 Exterior Structures

 Interior Structures


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   Pre Listing Inspection

   New Home Inspection

   Employee Relocation 

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​   Commercial Buildings

   Preventative Maintenance

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